What's Next for Somebeach?

We know owner Jess Jackson, of Curlin, is a sportsman. He is planning to try the super Curlin on the grass for a run at the Arc D'Triomphe. Why would they risk it? Why run a horse on grass who can crush all dirt competition? Because they want to. Let's face it, with 99% of owners out there, he'd be at stud right now. Not with these connections. That's racing folks.That's why we buy horses - not to make excuses, not to breed them, to race them. Is my horse better than your horse? Let'[s find out. I wish them all the luck in the world.

So what do we think Sombeach does?

Conventional thinking: The Meadowlands Pace, maybe one more trip on a big track, then off to Lexington for a run at 146, then a break, then the Breeders Crown. Dot the i's and cross the t's. Keep him off a half mile track, keep and protect the undefeated streak at all costs. That is racing with stud deals where we breed to breed, not to race. We have seen it countless times in this business.

I don't think they end up doing that. I think they bring this horse, if still undefeated and possibly the greatest pacer ever, to the Jug. I think they are sportsman, and the throng of 55,000 people - harness fans - wanting to see the Beach is too much for them to pass up. I think they look for every opportunity to show off this horse. I think it is in their blood. Corporate racing makes about as much sense to them as dropping a ten spot into a slot machine makes to a gambler. That's my opine anyway.

Regardless, the M pace is next. That track is like lightning. I believe it is a full 1 and three fifths faster than the Hawk. What can this horse do there? We'll find out soon.

As for the future I am sure we'll see. Here is hoping they have a little Jess Jackson in em. We can hope.


Anonymous said...

The Big M has been very lively lately. I don't remember it being this fast for this long. During the day it becomes a real drag strip, but as far as night time racing, I feel this year may be the fastest I can recall.

My uncle who used to own/train at Garden State and the Big M agrees.

Could we see a 3 year old go 147.xx? I think so.

Anonymous said...

I think if the conditions are right you will see it this tear Phil. Too many suspect horses are going in 150 lately. I think the M is a full second faster than Mohawk when lightning fast. That beach mile in the Cup final is 47 and change there, imo.


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