New Driver Fines Popping Up

I have noticed the past few days that some new driver fines have been popping up at Mohawk. A few have been for "talking on the track" and a couple for "not closing a hole".

Recently Standardbred Canada ran a survey about some of the things that annoy the betting public (and some horseman) regarding the way our races are run. We spoke about a couple of these here in this post.

It seems that some of the letters to the Trot editor (and some letters to the Harness Edge) were read by those in power. It does appear that this is perhaps a response to those letters.

The internet is a powerful tool. Twenty minutes ago I was asked by a company we do business with to fill out an online survey, for example. There are companies out there who supply an online web survey template for other companies to use. Companies scan blogs and chat sites (some chat sites for customers right on their websites) to see what customers are saying. Places like the Harness Edge and SC offer forms for immediate feedback on stories. It is all a click away in this day and age.

A small pebble dropped from a snow-topped mountain can turn into a snowball if enough people get behind it. We have seen that in a lot of instances in the internet age. Addressing the pebble before it becomes a snowball is something we all do in our businesses. It seems that this response echo's that racing feels the same way.

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