Back in the Fold

Well, the Hambletonian trip and resulting week of work/play at the cottage is done. I have some major catching up to do, that's for sure. I have been reading a little bit while gone and there is much to chat about. Hopefully we can get to that tomorrow.

Also, Mr. Whip's picks were pretty superb. If you were a whale, you could have made a decent amount of money playing the young man's picks in supers. Aerial Victory was a dandy winner at $22.70. The cold tri key and potential super in the Valagain race would have netted a $2500 super and $170 tri. Well done Whip! I hope you had a few of those.

Handle was very solid at over $300k. I have to get the net replays up and watch those races. I only watched a couple of races on Saturday. There was some kind of beach party with a guy with a guitar playing songs that only people over 30 would know, so after about five beer (and being over 30) it took precedent. Hell, I don't vacation much, so I probably would have been outside on two beer and Britney Spears music.

Anyhow, I hope to catch up soon. I hope everyone had a great week at the windows.

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