Monday, August 18, 2008

Hastings Lowers Show Takeout

In a surprising move, Hastings Race Course has lowered its show takeout.

It is equivalent to a 5% rebate or so. Although I would assume the players playing show are not price sensitive, this should churn a little bit of money. A 5% rebate is significant in this pool.

I wonder if I should start trying some sort of show wagering plan for this track for a lark. I might be able to make money at 12%. Then again since I have been doing horribly lately I think I would need more than 5 points.

Regardless, kudos to Hastings for returning a little bit to the player.


Speaking of rebates (and beer), they were a popular word here last month according to the harnessracingblog at Harnesslink. What an interesting post. Way to go Jules.

Dave Johnson called the races this weekend (well a few of them anyway) at Chester. I thought he was very good.

The Jug Future pool #2 is over and Badlands Nitro has taken over favoritism. The field bettors (6-1) look like they might have a positive expected value bet as Art Official is slated to possibly go.

Several letters to the Harness Edge asking Beach's owners to race him in the Jug. They make some excellent points. Although I wonder what more the gentleman wants when he says this is a weak crop. World records set at mile, five eighths and half mile tracks by three different horses says otherwise.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention. What I thought was most interesting about the word visualization is that I think I could have picked which was from which blog, based on individual blog themes and the style of the authors.

If your interested in playing round with it the tool is at - it took me ages to get results but internet speeds down here are dismal so you might have better luck.

Pull the Pocket said...

Really cool post! It is neat stuff like that that gets you linked to outside blogs and grows racing a little bit, imo. Kudos.

Although the words were only on the main page (I gather) it was a fairly good representation. I have been on rebates here the past several days in a few posts, but I am of course a fan of them overall. The Hambo was a big topic here too. Plus I use the word 'fun' quite a bit. Hell, this game is fun no matter how much we gripe :)

Great stuff and keep up the good work!

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