Saturday, August 2, 2008

Some Serious Buzz

It never dawned on me. I go to conferences and events and things like that in my business, but I have never really been involved or done anything with something like this.

The Hambo is a seriously big event.

Of course, there is a who's who of racing here, but I was particularly struck by the magnitude of this event. Beside me tonight at the Hambo dinner was two gentleman of Finnish descent, and across a few folks of Swedish descent. Trotting lovers, huge fans. This race has an international appeal and I am not convinced there is any other race which would do that.

Getting back to the hotel, I am met with two kids, about 8 and 11, playing with whips, driving gloves and googles, right in the lobby. Where'd they get the driving stuff? Ron Pierce. Getting into the hotel bar tonight, another event. People speaking of the Wilson, Adios, Hambo. It is like you are chatting on a chat board with a pile of fans, but the fans are right in front of you.

I have been to the Jug, and other events, but this one is big. There is no doubt about it, and I am not sure there is bigger in our sport.

As for the conference this week, the USTA has a good synopsis. I was impressed with Seth Rosenfeld (he who had the NA Cup heartbreak with Beach Towel way back when). Young Chris Hayes (Dr John's son) did a very nice job explaining a little bit about web marketing to the masses as well. VP of a pharma start-up, Mark Hunter, was pretty passionate and interesting. He has the entrepreneurial, kick-ass flair I think we need in this business.

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