Friday, August 1, 2008

A Great Game

Starting up the blog, from scratch, I had zero idea what would come of it. After six months or so, I am really happy I have some people checking in from time to time who are thoroughbred fans. I have always been amazed - and I mean always - how different the people are in the two games. Not different in a bad way, just different. I am happy that the runner readers can get a snapshot of that difference from time to time.

This is illustrated perfectly when I see stories like this: It is Chris Tully's Dewey Notebook, where we speaks about NBC's visit with the champ.

No sooner had the producer thanked Ray for the close-ups when Mr. Schnittker leaned down and generously asked the retired jockey and current NBC Sports horseracing commentator, Donna (Barton) Brothers, if she would like to take a spin on Dewey. She was thrilled and grinned from ear to ear. With a leg-up from Ray she was off and trotting.

Letting NBC's Donna Brothers "hop aboard" Dewey for a little ride? So harness racing.

I wonder what Rick Dutrow would have said to an ESPN producer if he said "can I have a ride on Big Brown?"

It is a different game. Not better, not worse, but different. And those of us who are part of it, even in only a small way would not trade that difference for anything.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for recognizing the "working man's sport" aspect of harness racing. We take our sport seriously, but we can still have fun and spontaneous along the way.

---Chris Tully

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