Friday, August 29, 2008

Wild Political Betting

Some extremely interesting betting on the two US parties VP choices. As I have said before, for current event informaton I do not use CNN or Fox, I use the betting exchanges. A week ago, before the announcement of Joe Biden as running mate for Obama, I looked in at Betfair and saw Biden trading at 1.01. There was no doubt a leak. Everyone knew it was coming.

Yesterday, I decide to check who McCain picked, thinking the same process would occur. Tim Pawlenty is 1.4. Romney is 1.8, a few others are taking money. Then a few hours later, Romney is 8-1. Then Pawlenty is 30-1. Palin is 30-1, then 5-1. No leaks.

Then around 11AM, Palin goes to 1.02.

Amazing stuff to watch. Bettors had no idea what the hell was going on, the press is pissed, as well, because they tend to get to find out these things early.

I flat out can not believe that pick (I researched her last night and said there is no way he would go that far off the board) and probably would have been shorting at 1.02 if I could. Shows you what I know. McCain has serious cajones. If he loses the White House maybe we can get him as commissioner of harness racing.

Finally the program is out for tomorrow. Huge night of stakes. I hope to get down to some handicapping later.

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