Woodbine Bloggers Doing Good Work

There is a rule in social media marketing - don't link to other blogs that are the same as yours. Well since I do not make money here, nor will I, I can easily (and do) break the golden rule. Woodbine's blog is doing some good things. If you have not followed it, give it a try. Here are a few posts of interest:

1. Elissa Blowe on Dutrow and Big Brown. Very nice work, and I agree.

2. Blanchard on more information. My goodness how we could model and report if we only had more free information in this sport.

3. Hamilton on Somebeachsomewhere. I popped down to a local Toronto bar about a month or two ago and had a beer with Mike, and he was not overly sold on Somebeach. This post shows that he was more impressed with him in defeat, than in his previous victories.

Some solid commentary on a very good blog, eventhough Woodbine is not quite 21st century enough to call it a blog :)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I agree with everything Elissa says 100% of the time.


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