Cup Day in Pictures

Norm is a huge harness fan. If the cup was running in the 1960's he would be someone who would have been there in diapers.

He has a nice collection of pictures up at his website of the Cup here.

Here are a few, and a few of mine from yesterday for anyone who might be interested in a slice of rural Canadian racing.

The crowd was large, and friendly, and having fun. An every-year Cup crowd.

One of the best parts of the Cup is the draw for the Final. It is a free draw and they do it on a board right in front of the owners and fans.

The outriding and post parade horse is a real treat. He is a standardbred by Jamuga and his name is Juggles. He is 21 years old and does not look a day over 4.

The racing is good. Above is the Beach going for the World record, and succeeding.

One of the unique parts of the Cup is that grooms or trainers walk out the horses and they are decked out in Cup blankets.

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