Friday, June 19, 2009

Wondering About the Woodbine 150K Pick 6, But I Know it is a Green Light Bet

Woodbine has added a new twist to the thoroughbreds for the upcoming Sunday's, starting with the Queen's Plate - a $150k guaranteed pick 6.

This is a wonderful opportunity for gamblers but I just have one problem with it - I don't think it is going to work. I can not see them getting close to that number in the pools, and I would suspect that the execs will be cheering for one thing each time it is offered. A carryover.

We'll see what happens this weekend and next, but I have not seen the splash needed (through a web based marketing program on the HRF ad network etc) to make this catch fire. With it being only once a week there is a strong possibility of a carryover, and that is no doubt the plan, so let's hope for a carryover this weekend and some buzz (or hope I am completely wrong which is a fair possibility as you all know :)) because we want tracks to try things like this and we want them to succeed. If this was 10 years ago a place like WEG would not even entertain such an idea. In fact, it was only five years ago that this organization upped their pick 4 takeout over 10%, taking money right out of their customers pockets - money that these customers would be rebetting into the pools, and money that was needed to survive this brutally tough game. It is nice to see them change their mindset and corporate vision, and begin to fight for the gambling dollar.

I'll be playing and supporting it on Sunday, one way or another. It is a good value-added deal for players and is worth supporting. Selfishly of course, if I am right and they have trouble filling the 150k, everyone should be on this thing - it can be a very low takeout bet, and players can really make some money, even with 5 of 6. This is a green light play; no two ways about it.


bullring said...

I wish they would lower the take on the P4 again.

Cangamble said...

It is my understanding that this $150k is not guaranteed, but additional money thrown into the pool.
The reality is that Woodbine needs $600,000 on average in new money before it is hit to break even on this venture.
However, their handles should rise on Sundays which will help them break even indirectly, as many will handicap the Pick 6 and probably make bets they wouldn't have made it the Pick 6 guarantee wasn't in effect.

Keith - TripleDeadHeat said...

All of us Woodbine-based fans will be watching the Pick 6 pools this weekend with a close eye.

Sunday will mark my first ever attempt at a Woodbine Pick 6.

You're right that more advertising is needed.

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