Friday, July 17, 2009

$1M Meadowlands Pace

The Meadowlands Pace goes Saturday at the Meadowlands. This is annually one of the best races to watch in the world of harness racing. The Meadowlands has been proactively promoting it with something I think every track should do: Player rewards. is offering 10X the points on this race, which works out to be a hefty rebate for players big and small.

For the race itself (free PP's for races 1-4..... why those 4 races I have no idea, but I assume this will change with the Pace PP's.... here), Well Said will be favoured, deserves to be favoured and is the horse to beat. However, with not much speed in here, there is perhaps an opportunity to make some cash using a leaver in the tickets. Unfortunately it looks like Art Colony will be that leaver, and he will be well bet. I might have a closer look at it tomorrow, but with a well bet chalk that looks more than solid, it looks like a tough race to formulate a plan to make some coin to me.


dana said...

I noticed that promotion on Twinspires and decided to take a stab at it (at least with a couple of parade plays, assuming I have any money left in my account after all the afternoon races!).

I'll have to keep in mind that the saddle cloths are different colors than the TBs. I made that mistake once!

That Blog Guy said...

I agree it is Well Said's race but his odds are not going to be worht playing.

However, if you wonder if someone is going to make a a bonehead (suicide) move in a million dollar purse (sometimes it happens), Vintage Master could be flying down the stretch late.

That Blog Guy said...

BTW, it is funny with the Meadowlands Pace getting all the attention, the Delvin Miller Memorial and Stanley Dancer Memorial are tonight at the Big M?

Why should people care? Muscle Hill, Federal Flex, Margarita Momma. Raising Rachel and others are making their final preps for the Hambletonian and Hambletonian Oaks. If you like harness racing you don't want to miss these race (4,5,6, and 8)

NewHorizons said...

Lots of great racing indeed! Apparently Hypnotic Blue Chip had a bit of a fever this week,as per his trainer. I like Arctic Warrior and Art Colony in the Meadowlands Pace.

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