Friday, July 10, 2009

$688k Haughton - A Must Watch and Bet

Tomorrow night the Haughton Final goes at the Meadowlands. It is, in my opinion, the best race of the year thus far for bettors and fans. The field assembled for the tilt is stunning. About $10M of career winnings are represented with the field.

From the rail out:

1. Palone Ranger
2. Shark Gesture
3. Won The West
4. Bettor Sweet
5. Dali
6. Mister Big
7. Winbak Speed
8. Art Official
9. Dragon King

Looking at the field one could make the case for seven out of the nine to hit the winners circle. Shark Gesture was absolutely brutalized last week in a first over journey. Won the West closed from Chicago to win, Bettor Sweet probably used the race as a prep and should be better, Dali was scorched and did not give it up until late, Mister Big was awesome from downtown, Winbak Speed has been solid all year and Art Official raced very well in his prep, just missing.

I will be looking as always for value. I assume Mr. Big will be overbet, so I will look elsewhere. The trip that Shark Gesture endured last time and still hung around to talk about it has me leaning that way. He is as tough as nails, is not the now or wiseguy horse, and should he get any type of trip he should be heard from. Another one who should provide board value is Bettor Sweet. I have a feeling he will be better this week. The odds board will tell the tale on where I go in this fantastic race.

Also on tap of course is the Meadowlands Pace eliminations. They are good affairs, and although the betting opps are limited, are well worth the watch.


That Blog Guy said...

While Mister Big always seems to come up big in finals, I am looking towards Bettor Sweet. Like you suggest, there should be value there.

BlueJay12 said...

Some fantastic analysis there! Shark Gesture onto Bettor Sweet resulting in a $115 exactor.
And that's not a bad $412 tri with the 3/5 favourite finishing third.
Hope they had to send you home tonight in a Brinks truck!!

Pull the Pocket said...

PTP gets a winner Blue Jay?

Hell must be freezing over on some world :)

Thanks for the note.


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