Sunday, July 19, 2009

Well Said Romps; Pace Handle Poor

As promised it was the Well Said show at the M tonight, where he destroyed a field of overmatched horses on the way to a super sharp 147.3 tally. Last year on the blog we always seemed to say "what if" with this guy, and early in the year we were left wondering if he would ever be a force. Not any longer. He is the best colt by far in 2009.

Vintage Master raced really well to be second, and our ex pick here was a good third, after being limbed three high on the first turn. Chasin Racin raced ok to be fourth.

The topic of the evening has to be the card. It was probably the worst Meadowlands Pace cards ever assembled, mainly due to the horse shortage caused by Yonkers and Chester. The crowd responded by barely betting $4M. It was only a couple of short years ago that $4M was a slow normal Saturday at the M. It is a shame how far it has fallen.

For those who did go, they saw an awesome performance. I guess now the question is, in this weak crop of three year olds can Well Said find a rival? Time will tell.

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