Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Harness Edge Goes Online Only

In a first that I have seen in racing, a print magazine is going online only. The Harness Edge's first online edition will be on their site in early August. Some snippets from today's podcast that I found interesting:

Yearling ads for the sales will have embedded video of the little fellow or gal romping around. A brilliant idea.

Stud ads, when an offspring wins a big one, will have embedded video of the race won.

Of course, not unlike regular news items on many news websites, pictures and video can be added to every story.

Last of all, the online edition of the magazine will be free. Today's podcast announcing the change and what they have planned is here.


Anonymous said...

Do they have embedded video on racelines yet?
Now that would be awesome, I had the idea of building some kinda database 10 years ago back when I fiddled around with programming and my tv capture card... and good ole Maurie's racelines.
It was way too much work back then, can't imagine trying it now with 2 little kids running around, but maybe somebody out there with infinite time and resources can work together with trackit?

best regards,


Pull the Pocket said...

My favorite response to the Edge going online is from Glen, an older chap from Newmarket via harnessdriver :)

"Somebody call the Army we're under attack. WTF is all this stuff Tex massages-Blueteeth-I pod-Blackberries-cursesors. These Fkers ain't speaking English. In bed with videos never heard of such a thing.I don't even know what a Browsor is thought it was a singer from Sha Na Na. I ain't figured out what a podcast is yet .Poor Mr. Howe been brainwashed by some kids."

greg reinhart said...


I think that's what the USTA is trying to do with can call up any horse and bang there's a video of all his races. They were really ahead of the curve on that, it's too bad it's not free for use (.25 a replay adds up quickly).

Pull the Pocket said...

The tbreds have that already through TS in their service and Formulator 4. We are behind on that, but of course, harness racing has no money to spend on customers.

Oops, we have a couple billion of slots cash.... scratch that ;)


Anonymous said...

"Times: In Harness" went electronic (email to subscribers) for a year or two, before stopping publication.

Hopefully, the on-line Harness Edge will be printer-friendly, for those of us who sometimes prefer to read away from the computer.

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