Thursday, July 2, 2009

Snow White is Gone

Whom I consider the greatest two year old trotter I have ever been blessed to see, Snow White, had to be put down today. As a two year old I wanted to see her be honoured with horse of the year. She should have been. I doubt we will see another like her.

Her World Record. God bless you hon.


That Blog Guy said...

It is a shame what happened to her. It seems she was just destined to be ill-fated. After her two year old campaign, she was never able to get back to her form, problems always arising.

With her return this year, I was hoping we would be blessed with another aged trotting mare on the level of Moni Maker. We will never know how great she truly would have been. This is our loss.

Blaine said...

The greatest 2yo trotter of all time, either sex.

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