Saturday, July 25, 2009

High Fives in the Maple Leaf Trot

Ironically, just last week I wrote the post about harness folks showing a lack of emotion when their horse wins a race. Well, maybe I should have prefaced it with "some owners and trainers and drivers of superstables who win all the time", because in the Maple Leaf Trot tonight, San Pail, a family type horse, threw down and defeated the best older trotters in the world. The winners circle was electric, Waples (great job Randy) was stoked and all was well. It is really nice to see this win for these people. These folks got a life changing win and a $360,000 payday which will never be forgotten.

For a look at the exciting tilt I have the youtube thingy below.


Teresa said...

Very unexpectedly, Keith of Triple Dead Heat and I, after a day at Woodbine, decided to head to Mohawk. I have never seen anything like the crowd at the rail as San Pail came into the stretch...or more people in the winner's circle! What a bunch of happy people. It was great to see.

Pull the Pocket said...

So it was a New Yorker like you Teresa that has brought Bethpage Black weather to the Canadian Open :)

Did you have a good time with the harness folks? Did you think Mohawk is a nice setting to enjoy the races? I have been to many places as well and always enjoy the ambiance there.

Enjoy the rest of your trip!

Teresa said...

My 20 hours in the Toronto racing world were terrific. The only harness tracks I've been to in recent memory was the Meadowlands, and Mohawk is so different--so intimate. Plus, it was such a huge night of racing that the buzz was palpable. And having Darryl Sittler around was just a huge bonus!

Woodbine was great, too, though, as you noted, I spent much of it soaking wet. Wet Polytrack has much the same effect on feet that wet dirt does!

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