Friday, July 24, 2009

Well Said Energizes a Division

Last year I was at the Meadowlands for Adios Elim day. The field was not bad, but I did not even watch the races. I got an email saying "Shadow Play won in 148.2" so I guess I should have been watching, but wasn't.

This year the early stakes for three year olds were pretty boring. Several of the highest rated horses were hurt and not racing (in fact this has only been added to with Dial or No Dial on the shelf), and Well Said was less than impressive in his first couple of starts. Ho hum.

But, that all changed. Well Said had me watching the Adios elims this year for the first time in a few years. He won his elim, wrapped up in 149 and in no way disappointed.

Last year in the thoroughbreds we had Big Brown against the clock, history (and his foot problems); and competition in the races was not on our minds - watching Big Brown was. This is happening this year in harness racing. We are tuning in to watch one horse against the clock. It might not happen all year as it is pretty clear Well Said has the odd issue and has had to battle them before, but in the here and now he is really sharp and it is fun to watch.

Mr. Wiggles won the other elim in 149.1 with a nice steer by that kid on him, but clearly ain't anywhere near the big horse.

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