A Look at Two Great Animals

The video is in for two great horses.

We have two sets of folks who read this blog: Lovers of harness racing, and thoroughbred fans who give our game a look from time to time. This post is a rare one, that speaks to both of us.

For harness fans, check the Arc coverage below. It is a fabulous look at a unique event, and a marvelous horse. Good horses are good horses, and at the end of this race, on the gallop back to the winners enclosure this horse speaks the universal language of a winner. A 100% class animal that we can all relate to. Great horses overcome, and they bring out superlatives like this at Paceadvantage.com.

If any thoroughbred fans want to watch a horse with equal class, here is the Kentucky Futurity and Muscle Hill.

For some edification for our thoroughbred friends, what Muscle Hill did here is special. This is not your normal gate to wire win. Trotters are a finicky bunch, and they are not unlike turf horses in many instances. I am sure you have all seen a turf horse get rushed in a big quarter at a route, where he dies the last sixteenth, even if he is a champ. They get into their rhythm and that is needed to succeed; if they do not, they tend to be short. For trotters, they need a rhythm as well to finish strongly. They can not be rushed or go big uneven fractions, because when they do, they get messed up and tired. If you watch this race, take a look a the horse who is second at the start (Big Bikkies). He is a very fast animal, but when Muscle Hill puts the hammer down, he gets discombobulated. Dr. McDreamy is similar. At the head of the lane his head nods. He has had enough.

As for Muscle Hill, even going flat-out, barnburner speed, he is trotting like a metronome; almost like it is a Sunday stroll. His leg speed is frightening, and his ability to finish is unparalleled.

You do not make a horse like these two; they are born. And we are damn lucky to be able to watch them.

(Note: Just out - Big Bikkies broke a bone in the Final)

Sea The Stars (in yellow, on the inside of the pack turning for home)

Muscle Hill


That Blog Guy said...

Watching the race with Sea the Stars reminds me of something I have been saying for a while. Europe got it. They have merged horse racing with NASCAR; they know how to present a race visually much better than we do in North America using interesting camera angles. In the states, the ony time we get a differnt camera angle is when there is fog, then they show the partrol judges's view.

Brett Coffey said...

I was lucky enough to Sea The Stars win the Epsom Derby and I feel very fortunate.

He was extremely relaxed and just a professional.

One other thing that stood out that day was that he was a stunner when looking at him side on, however he was very narrow in front - he didn't have the big chest you would expect of a 3yo colt.

How good would it be to be a fly on the wall during his stallion career negotiations.

Steven said...

Fantastic post.
Exactly the reason why your blog is one of the best out there.

Pull the Pocket said...

Thanks for that inside scoop Brett.

Thanks for the kind words Steven and continued good luck at the Betfair harness blog.


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