Thursday, August 12, 2010

$50K National Pick 4 PPs; Finley Caps Horse of the Year. 360 Launched

The national pick 4, guaranteed at $50,000 with races from the M, Balmoral, Northfield and Yonkers, is on tap for for Saturday.

In addtion there are programs available for free from the Trackmaster page here.

I hope frequent PTP commenter "Whip" has been playing Northfield and Balmoral, because I am lost there. :)

Regardless, that is a nice guarantee and a good takeout level. I will be playing this and trying to make some cash. For a link to only the free pp's for the national pick 4, they are here (pdf alert!)

Bill Finley handicapped the Horse of the Year race in the US today. He is a Z fan, but he could not help but take a shot at her schedule. I laughed at prose like this on her:  "She beat a stable pony, two Budweiser Clydesdales, a mule and an outstanding 3-year-old pacer from Cal Expo in the Clement Hirsch last week at Del Mar. But, hey, a win is a win and perfection is perfection."

Breeders Cup 360, the best damn site for handicappers (we should have had one for harness like this about 15 years ago, but I digress) is up and running for 2010. Bookmark it if you are handicapping the big card in November.

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