Sunday, August 15, 2010

Cup Goes to McNair, National Pick 4 Does Well

Today's two heat Confederation Cup went to Aracache Hanover, a $37,000 yearling purchase and Greg McNair student in 152.1. The colt raced very well in both heats and BG's Folly, saddled with post 7 in the final, had little shot to run him down.

This race did not have the draw of a few years ago when Somebeachsomewhere blazed to a 149.2 world record, but it was very entertaining. Fireworks in the final ensued as well in two instances. The first, when the colt broke at the gate and galloped, not losing ground, and at the wire where the driver celebrated with the whip (that's can be a no, no in Ontario as you have to keep two lines in one hand). The judges let the result stand, but it was anything but a sure thing.

This is one of the reasons I like harness racing - a big race is won by a good guy and a hard worker. His son is in the bike, and the owners are absolutely pumped to win it. You can watch the post race celebrations in the video below. I especially like when Greg shook his son's hand. No words said, but that's harness racing. A shake of the hand for a good job.

The National pick 4 for the Back at the Track day did really well this weekend, with $56,000 bet into it. I thought they would have a hell of a time getting that bet into it. It seems, from reading the web, the promotion went well.

They bet close to $4M into the pick 6 carryover at Del Mar today. It was an absolute chalk fest and it ended up paying only $3600. They pay-off was not that bad, considering about three of the winners might be keyable.

This Friday night the pick 6 at the Meadowlands has a big carryover. It's mandatory payout day.

After this weekend's stakes, the action switches to two big races - the Metro and the Canadian Pacing Derby. The three year olds have a few minor stakes, but the way they are going, who knows who will show up. It seems this crop might be becoming very overrated. Some watchers last year thought it was one of the best ever.

Ready for some down home harness racing? The Gold Cup and Saucer's trials are almost done, before a packed house in PEI. Part Shark and Giddy Up Delight won the first two trials. Monday is the final trial. Saturday is the big day, where 40,000 are expected, which is no small feat for a city with not too many more people than that living in it, and a superstar like Zenyatta draws 33,000 in a huge metro market like San Diego.

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