Sunday, August 1, 2010

Plans, Plans and More Plans

The Ontario plan to use some slots cash set aside for purses to grow the sport via marketing and wagering, has been gaining some steam. A good number of owner signatures are being recorded and it seems the train at the very least has left the station. However, as "SuperNewf" commented yesterday, the usual suspects are trying to throw a wrench into the plans. I was reading many comments on some of the chat boards and some folks simply do not want purse money to be used to grow our sport.

Usually I am the one stealing Seth Godin quotes here on PTP, but I got one from poster "Kort Nozzle" on, about where we are, and what needs to be done in racing:

"Right this minute, you still have some cash, some customers, some momentum... instead of squandering it in a long, slow, death spiral, do something else. Buy a new platform. Move. Find new products for the customers that still trust you. Change is a bear, but it's better than death."

Change is better than zero handle and racing for ribbons, but there are many who still seem to be reluctant to move this forward. It's truly sad.

If you want to add your name to the list in support, click here. Some of the wagering items to be studied for implementation are:

Wagering Development to include:

* Ontario Racing Products – (i.e. Canada One)
* Lottery Wager
* Expanded distribution
* Betting Exchange Platform
* New Wagering Products
* Handicapping programs, leagues, championships, etc.

I believe seeded pools, exchange wagering and better distribution are the cornerstones to growth, so I was glad to see much of that added. Tracks would hopefully (for their share) look to expand wagering credits and lower takeout. If the above, along with lower prices are achieved, we might actually see some handle in this province for a change.

HANA penned what they would do if they were California racing (minus the obvious - lower rake). Cali racing is totally out of ideas, so much so all they could come up with to help racing there was to raise takeout. There are five or six ideas that I have never heard from anyone in power in California even make a peep about over the years I have been following this sport.

The Hambo elims are in the books, as well as elims for the Oaks. We have to find the horse who is peaking here. I have an idea, but I want to check the post positions first. Click link for video.

Delmarvelous won the Adios. Musical chairs in this division. I was discussing this crop with a horseplayer friend last week and we both felt the crop is overrated. It's good but by no means great. Time will tell.

Sportswriter is done. He went one for six this season, but at least the one was a good one. It's a tendon tear, which I think this barn had last year with Art Colony.

Cangamble thinks that supertrainer percentages might drop with the Pennsylvania investigation and arrest last week. We'll see.

The Back to the track ad you see by the USTA has some neat stuff (although they need some SEO help! I can't find it with a google search). One video, below, with cappers. There is also a $50k guaranteed pick 4 (that might provide value as they might have a tough time hitting the $50k, being at four tracks). Worth studying.

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