Monday, August 16, 2010

Pick Ten Winners & You Could Win a Cool Million

On August 21st at Northlands Park, if you are the only person to pick all ten winners, you will walk away with a million bucks.

We spoke a couple of months ago about using this, as a strategy for promotion. Offering a jackpot bet out (with some slots money for insurance purposes) as a way to get slot players to take a ticket, some lotto players to take a few tickets, or to get some simulcast players studying your card and venue, is a worthwhile plan. It at least uses alternate gaming money to promote to a new market. It also helps with some viral marketing, because blog posts, chat board posts, and news mentions because of this promotion, promote the track. The odds of hitting all ten for a $2 minimum, of course, are very low; but we are not promoting this to existing players who know better, we are trying to get a new market out to the track for a day.

This is the type of promo that other games do. Heck, for some neighborhood golf tournies sponsored by a "Tom's Bar and Grill" they offer $25k or $50k for a hole in one, which is insured. Sometimes they ask for $2 before the hole. I know the chances of me getting this are astronomical, and the takeout is severe, but I have tried. What the heck, it's fun, and it is only two bucks. Other businesses have thought of this before and use it time and time again.

Notice that Northlands is also promoting their $50k guaranteed pick 4. If I am going to take a ticket for 10 winners, and have studied all the PP's, why not take a pick 4 ticket while I am at it?

If they even get 500 people they would not get before to look at the card, it is a successful thing.

Good for Northlands for trying something in a game that needs exposure, and has been crying for trail and error experiments like this for many years now.

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