Awards Post-Script

Last night was the big awards show, watched worldwide. The evening was filled with jokes, video, winners, losers, fashion and a dash of politics.... yessirree, I think the Dan Patch Awards were a winner (what else was there on last night anyway?);

No one even used the F word. Well, they didn't publicly anyway.

Rock n' Roll Heaven walked away with most of the hardware, as he should have. This season we had a three year old male (Rock) and a three year old female (Put on a Show) that were pretty much all world. Add a little bit of talent with Big Jim and it was a good year in harness racing.

The show was broadcast via for the first time. I thought they did a pretty fair job.

Here's my scorecard, if you are interested.

Tale of the Tape - Brennan versus Gural

Tioga Owner Jeff Gural let a remark fly at George's expense in Finley's Harness Racing Update last week; namely, that he should be racing at the Meadowlands, not Yonkers. I watched the tape religiously and could not see any sparks fly in this regard. However, since George spoke, I did not see Jeff speak, and this is scored on a ten point must system: Advantage BRENNAN.

Chick Fight - Moira Fanning versus Kathy Parker

Moira from the Hambo Society received her award, which probably could and should be named after her. Kathy, editor at HFW, accepted the magazines' well-deserved award. The speeches and glamor-wear were tough to judge. Moira got a new hair-do and Kathy was dressed elegantly in black. Moira remembered her husband's name, which today gets her some excellent Christian Bale points. Kathy did not forget anyone's names at the magazine, including the cleaning staff. It is a very close call here, but the nod goes to PARKER, because Fanning wins everything.

Grudge Match - Bruce Saunders versus Bruce Saunders

Bruce Saunders gets his own category. The man should be a politician. He spoke elegantly virtually every time at the podium. His last speech gets the nod here, for mentioning the photographers "getting Rock n Roll Heaven pictures with all four feet off the ground". I don't know how they do it either Bruce. Advantage: SAUNDERS

Young Guns - Gingras versus Settlemoir

Yannick Gingras, having to cut his speech to one-minute or be fined by the judges, made the most of it. The fine young Canuck wanted to give his award to Jason Settlemoir by the sounds of it, who probably does deserve one, like yesterday. In the end, I went with the gentleman who I feel still gets carded more in licensed bars. Advantage GINGRAS

Put on a Show versus Rock n' Roll Heaven

Two great horses, two speeches, and both were good. For the younger Bellino mentioning "the fans on the internet who loved our horse" he gets an edge, simply because I am a fan, and I am on the internet, so I figure he was speaking directly to me. Advantage: ROCK N ROLL HEAVEN

Big Jim Carr versus the Younger Bellino

There was a battle royale between the owners of Rock n Roll Heaven and Big Jim - "who could say nicer things about their drivers". Long blamed for losses, pulled suspensories, Lindsay Lohan and world hunger, drivers can get their due on awards night, because if their horse wins, that means they didn't suck too much driving them during the year. Big Jim loves Little Phil and Mr. Bellino loves Danny Dube. Since I like both drivers and both owners, I should be taking a push on this. However, because Jim Carr is big and could easily beat me up, I say, Advantage: BIG JIM CARR

Special Mentions

The Ponce De Leon Award goes to Gary Siebel. He looks like he is in his twenties, and I can't figure it out.

The He Really Talks Like That Award goes to Roger Houston. I'd love to be invited to dinner at his house. "If you are not standing up for these mashed potatoes, you better get up now!"

The No Kidding These People Are Down to Earth Award goes to harness racing; like duh.

Congrats to all the winners.

Here they all are via Youtube montage.

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