Playing the $25,000 Northlands Pick 6?

If so, here is a freebie.

Dave Vicary is a computer dude who presented in Windsor at the Gaming summit. He has been working overtime on a program which gives an overlay now and again. This evening there is the new Northlands Pick 6 with a guarantee. Dave has offered Northlands out tonight for free. All you have to do is sign up at no charge.

For more information on the Northlands pick 6 please click here. Horsemen, tracks and others trying to get something going is never a bad thing!

1 comment:

Dave Vicary said...

Hey thanks! I saw the results of your survey on bettors. great information. I am particularily opposed to races at various distances in various directions with a large number of horses. We are trying to make the sport appealling to new people. The last thing we need to do is make it more complicated, harder to figure out.


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