Harness Day in Racing

I woke up this morning and found out I was in a wild dream. Harness racing took over the Internet!

I saw first Seth's page aggregating some content:

Four stories on harness in a row!

I liked the Equispace story on his trip to the trots. Funnily enough I was playing the races on gtalk Friday evening with Charlie. He was playing the harness races, oft times with my picks and with "What Wins" free sheets for the night. He said the same thing "harness is fun!"

Then I flipped over to HANA and Allan wrote a blog post about Tioga Downs here.

For one day at least, harness racing took over. It was pretty cool :)

1 comment:

Gene Kershner said...

Hey PTP, thanks for the linkage, I need to spend more time at Bflo Raceway, had a blast. Still learning the harness game.

Thanks again,


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