Ever Cash a Voucher and ......

Elmer Patzer walked up to a betting machine and started popping in tickets to see if he won. All of a sudden, whamo, he cashed for $6.5 million!

Clearly the error that occurred was an honest computer glitch, but ol' Elmer took Hastings Park to court. Today, after six years, he lost.

Uncle Mo is off to an overnight affair for his first tilt of 2011. There are a number of theories on this I guess: He is not quite ready or having some issues, they are not overly confident to try a tougher spot, or Pletcher is going for the Triple Crown. I am tending to lean to the latter. I have often wondered why horsemen in this day and age hit all the major preps. Yes, I realize they need legs under them, but horses are modern machines now as compared to 1970. The old myths (can't win the Juvenile and win the Derby, you can't win on two preps, etc) are falling almost every year.

If I had a track I would write several of these Derby preps for a special horse or two. I bet in a few years they will be populated by pre-Derby chalk in a big way.

Did Golden Gate cut purses? Can-lumbo is on the case. That chart is ugly.

This year's Cam Fella will be a good one with the addition of St. Elmo Hero. He is still undefeated and looks nowhere close to losing soon.

I have no idea what the big stink up is over Calder requiring horses stabled at their track to run there. They spend six million a year to offer out stabling for free. Why would they do anything different. They are not a charity.


The_Knight_Sky said...

>> I have no idea what the big stink up is over Calder requiring horses stabled at their track to run there.

A: there is no Calder meet in progress.

A2: Calder management discriminates against horsemen shipping to Gulfstream while not penalizing those shipping to Tampa and elsewhere.

Pull the Pocket said...

I fully understand that. But it is not the first (there are many) tracks who stable horses free of charge with restrictions etc on entries. This is nothing new. The alternative is the not-so-novel concept of paying for stalls.


That Blog Guy said...

What is going on is the conflict over December race dates where Gulfstream wants to race dates traditionally raced by Calder. This is the same thing which happened back in the 1980s when Gulfstream went against Hialehm forcing them to go out of business.

Restricting horses is the first step. What will happen is jockeys will be forced to chose a track to race at and will not be allowed at the otehr track.

What Florida does is stupid automatically approving race dates the tracks want. It is what closed Hialeah up, and one of thse two tracks may face the same issue.

Phil J. said...

St. Elmo is in Saturday at Balmoral. Hope he goes to Canada with winning streak intact.


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