Notes for Today

It looks like the plans are in full force for changing the Meadowlands. This will take some major cash, that's for sure and a lot of luck and goodwill. If they are going to one day get slots or a full casino (which I think most of us think they will someday) it is a start. The pictures in the linked story are quite nice.

The Meadowands handle has just not been there this season yet, as compared to even 2008. The racing is certainly not poor (like some would say it has been the past 12 months) and there are serious problems in harness racing. There are zero quick fixes, in my opinion.

Frequent poster here at PTP, "Walleye Fisherman" is not a big fan of New Zealand pacer Auckland Reactor. It (for him) is with major dismay I report that he is back downunder and back winning. Although some have said (like the headline) it was an impressive return, if we study the fractions of the race it was not as much impressive as expected. He crawled through fractions and sprinted home. In fact, the performance was not much different than his qualifiers at the big M last season. I would submit his real test will come when he has to race through some adversity. So score one for the Fisherman - kinda.

I was out last night at a local bar watching a really bad hockey game. In a table not far away was the manager of the place. He came by and spoke to a waitress saying "I just got a $26 winner". Surprised he was playing the races I asked where, and he said he had $5 on the horse at Turfway. He was picking numbers while working the bar. I said "where are you playing" and he mentioned it was Bodog. When I asked why he did not have a regular ADW account he said that he tried but it was full of red tape. It's been one of my beefs for some time now. It is very difficult to convert a casual customer to a real customer in racing and it is a shame that an offshore site can convert one with speed, while signing up for a real account is like winning a leg of the Amazing Race.

Woodbine handle is on the rise however. I wonder what has happened, but I surmise (with no knowledge of it whatsoever) it is their TVG component mixed in with the change of policy of treating ADW outlets and their players better. I'll see what I can find out.

Last up, there is nothing better for the inside of a man than the outside of a..... goose. Or something like that.


That Blog Guy said...

No, the Meadowlands is not running a bad meet right now; the problem is the talk was the Meadowlands was toast so that cost them customers. How much advertisement occured? Zippo. Then they ran that fall meet which kind of reinforced the talk.

The smart gamblers figured why bother betting on a dying corpse so they moved on; to where I don't know fur sure though the closure of NYCOTB didn't help.

Moral of the story? All the good momentum and good will you have can disappear in a moment and it takes a long time to build it back.

That Blog Guy said...

As for Auckland Reactor, the winning time was a NZ record. The field also included Monkey King, no slouch himself. For a first outing of the season, the Reactors' connections must be tickled pink.

Impressive race for North America? No, but we need to remember this was a down under mile so it has to get measured differently.

I may be wrong, but those who gambled on him by bringing him to North America may have been too hasty to get rid of him; especially since he had surgery in North America before his return home. Were he mine, I would have kept him up here and tried his luck against the best up here in the winter and hopefully worked him up towards a match with the FFAllers after getting used to racing here against cheaper stock while getting acclimiated.

He may have been another San Simeon or he could have turned into something truly special. Now we will never know.

Anonymous said...

Sharp eye. AR was given the race and the second place finisher had more pace.

I like that goose, btw.

Walleye Willy said...

People have turned this horse into a mythological demigod and I don,t even know what mythological demigod means.


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