Betfair to Own Monmouth?

In an interesting bit of news, it appears Betfair is going to make a bid for Monmouth.

"New Jersey has a fantastic horse racing heritage. Betfair and TVG are absolutely committed to having a role. The racing product at Monmouth Park was vastly superior last summer. Similarly, the Meadowlands presents the most eminent harness racing destination in North America," he said.

This is not that uncommon. For harness players especially it could possibly be a good event if so. By pushing the Big M product (along with it being pushed on the exchange) the number of eyeballs on it should be very good for pool size - something sorely needed.

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The_Knight_Sky said...

While this is good news for Monmouth Park (should BetFair be awarded) I remain hopeful that Mr. Burns can help out Mr. Gural should the lease agreement not get done for The Meadowlands.

Lots of ifs and buts at this point.
Can you believe NJ thoroughbreds still have no set racing dates yet?


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