Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday, Value Everywhere

Scanning the landscape, this weekend brings a new wave of new value for horseplayers.
  • Frank Stronosaurus has initiated an 18% pick 5 for this Pimlico meet. 
  • Woodbine opens tomorrow for thoroughbreds with a 2% drop in tri takeout
  • Woodbine offers a $100,000 guarantee on their harness pick 4 tomorrow (and through the month)
  • Northfield Harness, who dropped their rake to 14% on several bets this month, has a guarantee on their P4 pool starting tonight, via the USTA. Free PP's too!
  • Balmoral Park, who lowered their pick 4 take to 15% last year and upped handles on the bet 66+%, is also participating in the guarantee's. Saturday night it starts there.
  • Cal Expo, who said a big fat no to a raise in takeout in CA when they could have, has upped their guarantee on their previously lowered take pick 4 (it's 15%, versus SA's 23.68%) for Saturday. Their handle is now approaching modern records. Good for them.
 There is still much to do, but more and more tracks are finally saying enough is enough with handle losses and are at the very least trying to change. More than ever this April.


The Cowboy Squirrel said...

"When compared with the pools in 2009 with the old takeout, the Balmoral Pick 4 pool average has increased over 80 percent in 15 months." Hmmm...pretty compelling evidence that a reduction in take-out yields dividends, eh?

Eric P said...

Not to rain on the parade, but if something is priced 5 times its perceived value, and the price is reduced to 4 times its perceived value, it is still overpriced!
Woodbine's 25% tri is better than 27%, but it is still overpriced and not a buy!

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