Thursday, November 28, 2013

Cub Reporter Scoops Thanksgiving Wishes

In waiting for this football game to start, I received an email from Cub Reporter. Cub says, "hey Pocket, check this out. I got all these Happy Thanksgiving texts sent to my phone". Print 'em if you want to.

OK, I will.  Here they are.

"I give thanks for NYRA. And the people who work for NYRA. And the letters N, Y , R and A. I like NYRA. - Steve Byk

"I give thanks for my advertisers...... and Brad. I love Brad and I miss him. Come home Brad. We can go to a Bears game - Ray Paulick

"I'm quitting twitter and I'm thankful for that" - Gary Stevens

"I'm thankful for my deep pocketed owners. These guys keep giving me well bred Derby horses, and well, I kinda suck in that race. " - Todd Pletcher

"I'm thankful for the judges. Their poor eyesight this year bought me a new Range Rover." - Boots Tetrick

"I'm thankful for the bettors. I love the bettors. Have I told you, I love you. I want to kiss you. - Jeff Mullens' public relations firm

"OK, I know I quit, but I'm back. But I am certainly not thankful for asshats on twitter" - Gary Stevens

"I'm thankful that the bettors keep playing our high takeout, er, our high handle, er our growing slots revenue, er our great commission, er, well, at least the FBI is not investigating corruption here. - Pennsylvania, "the model for horse racing"

"I'm thankful that my owners think I can do more for the game by shagging hot mares rather than racing 10 furlongs with all that dirt and stuff." - Orb

"I'm thankful that Andymays has left me alone on his email list for the last 32 hours" - Mike Pegram

"I'm thankful for all the people in racing who adore me. All two of you" - Joe Drape

"I'm thankful for twitter. I truly love my followers. Said me almost never" - Andy Serling

"I'm thankful Royal Delta fans did not toilet paper my house" - Left at the Gate's Allan Mann

"I'm thankful I was woefully misquoted in my congressional hearing testimony. I mean, seriously, I didn't say that" - the HBPA's Phil Hanrahan

"I'm thankful the Dallas game is starting, so I can conclude this list. And I'm sure you are too" - PTP

Have a great evening everyone.

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