Thursday, November 21, 2013

Today's Pop-Racing Quiz. How Can You Score?

It was a wacky day in horse racing, and we have a pop quiz.

1. Today's hearings in Washington on horse racing resulted in:

a) A hearing which should result in a new horse racing bill
b) A big boost for New York Times racing page readership
c) Everyone learning that 99.993020402% of tests in thoroughbred racing are clean
d) A realization that Congress's 9% approval ratings are slightly too high

2. Alan Mann of Left in the Gate and Timeform US fame will lose:

a) His primary for GOP state sentator for district 4
b) His run for councilman of the Bronx, ward 9
c) His job as President of the Royal Delta Fan Club

3. Tonight at Penn National:

a) The three horse won race two
b) The four horse in race 5 had a late equipment change
c) There was a late jockey change on the seven horse in race 6 to Fox Mulder

4. With the report of the FBI racing probe of Pennsylvania racing today, rumors abound that they are investigating:

a) How a state with $200 million in slot money can have 30% takeout rates
b) How a state with $200 million in slot revenue can have so little handle
c) How a state with $200 million in slot revenue could have such bad simulcast pictures
d) How the state ever got $200 million in slots revenue in the first place

5. This weeks most hyped event is:

a) The release of a new Justin Bieber cologne
b) The release of the new Hunger Games movie
c) I'm not sure, but if I hear anything more about the opening of the Meadowlands grandstand, I'm gonna go postal

6. Today, the Bob Baffert horse death investigation probe was tabled. After hearing the evidence and the results the TOC & CHRB concluded:

a) Baffert did nothing wrong
b) Baffert was responsible
c) The takeout should be hiked

7. With the Pennsylvania horse racing commissions reportedly insolvent, a way to gain the revenue needed to run it can be:

a) Realized by taxing horseplayers who play on the internet
b) Realized by asking for a slice of slots money from horsemen groups
c) Realized by retroactively fining harness drivers for kicking, and using the leftover money to cure the scourge of world hunger

8. I saw a ballsy retweet and it came from:

a) Ray Paulick getting sassy
b) A cranky O_Crunk
c) A Royal Delta Fan tweeting to Alan Mann
d) Disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong

Have a great evening everyone. 

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