Harness Racing Fans Get to Watch a Good One Tomorrow

Tomorrow evening, Champion trotter Bee a Magician goes for another win, trying to make it 16 for 16 for the season.

The almost perfect trotter is pretty much a joy to watch. Trotters, almost without fail, don't go two straight years without some sort of difficulty. They are a breed, with a gait, that can go off at any time. So far she's been pretty magical.

I read this evening something pretty cool that I did not know. This season she is not only the fastest three year old filly trotter, but the fastest three year old trotter, by virtue of her 151 flat world record performance in the Del Miller at the Meadowlands. In the past quarter century, this has only occurred two other times. Those two mares were the incredible (probably on everyone's short list as one of the greats of all time) Peace Corps, and C R Kay Suzie.

A few other Bee a Magician tidbits:

She is the first female trotter ever to win over $2 million at two and three. This year that's even made more impressive with the purse money reductions in some major stakes, especially in Canada.

She is 25 for 28, and in her three losses she either beat herself, or had a drive not put her into the race. She broke stride once at two, found herself 16 lengths back from a bad post on a half mile track (she still came second by a nose) and had a brutal trip later as a two year old, coming third while being placed 13 and a half lengths back (three wide no less) at the half.

She's won on every sized track : Mile, seven eighths, five eighths and half.

Back to back at Mohawk she won from the 10 and 11 posts, with relative ease.

She has been 5 cents on the dollar in her last four starts.

Horses can and do lose. They lose all the time because of many things, and maybe tomorrow her streak will be stopped. But you'll want to tune in if you are a harness fan, because she is a filly that we don't see come around too often.


Ken Middleton said...

We've been blessed to watch what I feel is the greatest trotting filly of all-time.

She's an absolute treat to watch, and she's a very deserving Horse of the Year on both sides of the border.

Anonymous said...

She's a beast, that's for sure. Refreshing to see connections as humble as these guys. Unassuming trainer and unbelieveably loyal owner.It should always be about the horse and they get it. The connections of 'The Captain' should take a page out of their playbook. When she crushes later this evening, the writers ought to do the proper thing and give her HOY. --benny beam

Anonymous said...

She is impressive. How does she not go to Europe in the next year(s)? There's nothing for her here in the US.


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