Is CRM a Lost Art in Racing? Gene-o, Crist, and errrr Drones!

The Meadowlands has had a bit of a resurgence of late. on-track handle has been trending higher for some time, and this year that number has continued to do well, with the addition of a new grandstand.

There was an interview with Jason Settlemoir, the Meadowlands CEO in the Horseplayer Monthly released yesterday.

From the interview:

"Our fans have also noted much better fan-friendly service and how clean our facilities are, I pride myself with these operating principals and also integrity in everything we do. We have made a concentrated effort on fan friendly service and people see we are responding to all our social media posts, media e-mails (, as we return every one of them and we return messages as well. Our fans say to us sometimes I never thought you would respond to that e-mail or call me back, it never use to be like that. Fan-friendly service is the lifeblood and cornerstone of any good organization and without it you might as well pack your bags."

You can read the rest of the interesting interview here, it's on page 11.

Also in that issue, friends of the blog Mike Dorr, Lenny Moon, Jerod Dinkin and Melissa Nolan have articles. Veteran racetrack handicappers Barry Meadow and Bruno De Julio chip in with articles.

Steve Crist did not like the choices of races for the upcoming series on Fox, and he makes some good points. One race he specifically singled out.....

"A taste of the Triple Crown is fine, but why the Blue Grass, the weakest Grade 1 Derby prep, a race that has lost most of its significance since being switched to Polytrack, and one that rarely attracts any Derby favorites?"

... I do disagree. Horse racing on television should be done with the selling of the sport in mind; after all, serious bettors like me and you are watching the track feed. Where else to sell it than spring at Keeneland? Young people, a hopeful nice spring day. Keeneland is like the Masters- it signals spring. It's a setting we need to see on network television if racing spending money on such a thing as the Jockey Club is.

Blog pal, all around super-fan and a defacto Mayor of Buffalo Gene K's Friday racing notebook is here.

I am fostering one pooch, but next weekend I have to be a fill-in for another, while his foster person is on vacation. Ten year old Hunter. He's a freaking cute old fella. I hope he enjoys racing, food and football. So many good dogs need homes. Think of adopting if you are interested in one.

The PA commission stopped Chester Downs from racing. Bettors yawn, participants are p'od.

I'm working today, but Bacon makes a strong point. I think he was talking about tracks, but I'm game if he wants to move the day, right now, to Saturday.

The always interesting Prix D'Amerique is Sunday at 10:20E

Drones! Just don't put cameras in some barns, the win percentage might take a hit.

Loved the Manning-Manning article on Just a couple of brothers playing a game.

Enjoy your day everyone!

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