"You're a Bunch of Rich Guys"

In today's snippet driven world - where narratives are borne and fit better on the back of a napkin rather than through proper intelligent debate - once you get framed, it's hard to change that framing. Just ask Mitt Romney, or in Canuckland, Justin Trudeau.

In Pennsylvania yesterday a bill was introduced to add $250,000,000 to the treasury. That quarter of a billion is coming from horse racing.

It's not coming from the groom who makes $11 an hour, or the mom and pop breeding farm down the street, or the feed woman with a new truck with payments of $945 a month, or the racetrack teller or track maintenance person.

It's coming from, you know, those Romney type "rich guys", (and shudder some even with a last name that we stereotypically have a problem with):
  • In a statement, Stephens was critical of the racing subsides, citing purses won by Sheikh Mohammed al Maktoum... and “countless out-of-state racehorse owner millionaires.”
When trying to forward your narrative, it's always important to remember to use proper buzzwords. Rule number 32: Mention "the children". Focus groups tell us this, and focus groups must be right.
  •  “Rather than funding the pastime of the world’s wealthy and elite, I believe these funds should be used to fulfill our moral and constitutional obligations to our children.
Horse racing subsidies need serious debate, both inside and outside racing. How should racing be using this money while its there, how is it lobbied for and what it's good for from an economic and quality of life revenue driver. Things like that.

"Sheiks and millionaires" or whatever drivel you want to muddy things up with doesn't forward that debate an inch. In fact, it's insulting to anyone with a care in the world with regards to horse racing, or public policy in general.

Regardless, it's the world we live in. So get used to it.


It's tough to be a bettor. If you are one you nod. If you aren't one you wonder what the fuss is about. "I'm a Bettor" was penned here. 

Barry Irwin's comments on the Paulick Report seem to have made gamblers shake their heads everywhere. Why wouldn't they? I mean seriously Barry, price doesn't matter in gambling? Start up a Barry Irwin poker game and rake 30% from the pot like they do at Parx, and let me know how many players you have. You could give out free beer, pretzels and tell colorful stories about Animal Kingdom's libido and no one would show up.

Our friend Penelope Miller of ABR hits Times Square and asks Super Bowl questions with a horse racing tilt.

Nick Kling looks at a few things of interest in his weekly column.

A "surcharge" on bettors passes in Illinois. This industry will never learn.

This is how you respond to trash talk. Being a media-savvy veteran helps the cause. 

Chester might be in trouble with this Anthony Coletta accident. 

The raceday 360 wire is da bomb. Good links.

Beyer checks out the Florida nonsense. It really is sad the way they've fought there.

I know how to shoot a gun, and I played hockey, and I watch football, and I don't drink things with umbrella's in them, and in grade five I got into a fistfight with a bully (I lost). My toughness and fortitude is pretty apparent and knows no bounds. I'm a real man's man eh? Nonsense. I am a freaking softee. These hallmark commercials make me turn into sap.

Have a great day everyone. 

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