Horseplayers Hate Everything Don't They?

Horse racing; it's a place where the other 'half' (which is probably about 94%, since purse money comes from their betting) complains. Takeout sucks, Twinspires is greedy. You're all a bunch o' cheaters with my money. He stiffed the six horse. Blah, blah, blah.

That's stereotypical of course, but it's a narrative.

So, I guess horseplayers must've hated "Horseplayers" on Esquire TV last evening?

As far as I can tell, that's a big fat nope.

Here in the frozen tundra we did not see the show. None of the cable or satellite companies carry this Esquire channel you all speak of. So, I followed along on twitter.

There I saw complaints about Groupie Doll not being twenty to one. I saw the artistic license questioned at times. There were some little things. But on the whole, all I noticed was a bunch of folks watching who seemed to be having a little bit of fun.

As my pal Dan says this morning:
Perhaps the show will have some legs. Caroline hopes so.
I do too.

Have a nice Wednesday folks.

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