Top Ten Things That Will Happen After Today's Paulick Report Column

In this morning's Paulick Report article, Paulick looked at the divergent management paths in California between racing and the lottery. The lottery increased handle by increasing payouts to customers. Cali Racing, as we all know, has lost handle since the they decreased payouts to customers in late 2010.

Being in a major publication, this could change the way the world works, and could cause some problems for Paulick. Here are my top ten things that may happen in the future.

1. Ray: "Hi, I am Ray Paulick and I have a reservation for table 11, right by the window for today's Santa Anita Derby"
Maitre'd: "Excuse me, Ray who?"

2. The annual Christmas card from Pegram doesn't come, but it's replaced by a thirty cent Horseplayers Association of North America pen with "Happy Holidays" written on the back of an old program.

3. The chances of the Strub being renamed "The Ray Paulick Stakes" just went down to below zero.

4. When Paulick gets invited on TVG for an interview his introduction will be changed from "Purveyor of the Paulick Report" to "Takeout Hawk".

5. Brad Cummings might not come over for dinner again.

6.  Horseplayers frequent the Paulick Report en masse, and in the comments section start calling Bacon, "Dear Leader".

7. The DRF drops its paywall because of the threat of an upcoming Paulick Report past performances section. "He's become one of them", utters an unnamed DRF executive.

8. Ray replaces the life-sized cut out in his bedroom of Bob Baffert with one of Andy Beyer.

9. Ray and Andy Asaro start having daily conference calls to strategize ways to "screw the man"

10. Dustin Hoffman, incensed, tells E-magazine "google the Bloodhorse"


7 Days of @itstheJHO Fashion Pictures on PTP's Blog ® continues today, for day four, with this:

Today, Justin is sporting a tailored Armani suit, while telling people they could win $1 million at the Meadowlands, and with the new found riches, dress exactly like him.

He has a "hanky", made of Persian silk, which was inspired by him watching a 47 hour Mad Men marathon on AMC. His watch is a Tag Heuer and his tie is by Ralph Lauren.

You can see Justin each weekend at the Meadowlands, talking to patrons, offering marketing and handicapping tips, and standing beside people like this, making them look fashion challenged.

Have a great day everyone!

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