Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Alotta Fa-Waples & Allan's Naughty and Nice List

What was that movie character, Alotta Fa.... ah forget it, I might get censored. Several years ago most of you will remember Randy Waples' interview on national TV after driving and winning a harness race. He said hello to .... well her. This caused him some trouble with racing powerhouse Woodbine Entertainment and he served some sort of suspension. I think he wasn't allowed to be interviewed for awhile on the simo or Score show.

Waples has always been a little nuts (click for a synopsis). Not in a bad way, but a good one. For example, after winning the Breeders Crown years ago he stood on his racebike "like a Roman Chariot driver". He also (and this is still on the pre-game clips from time to time) jumped off a racebike and made that gesture a heavyweight boxer makes feigning a world championship belt. He's like I said, kind of Chad-Johnson/Ocho-Cinco nuts.

Well that personality, like it or hate it, is going up on screen. Waples has partnered with a local TV dude to create a show which will focus on harness racing, and the North America Cup.

"Having watched countless harness racing broadcasts, me and Al have decided to move harness racing into the year 2011 with an edgy, behind the scenes show,” he said. “I have always wanted to be involved in broadcasting and this is the perfect opportunity.”

Further on HD.com, a chat site, Waples expanded on this theme:

I hope people are ready, willing and open minded enough to watch and give this a shot. I'm hoping that we will be able to show harness racing (warts and all) in a different light than what it is normally shown.

I really believe that there are dynamics within horse racing that are never truly shown. Basically taking a camera in to the drivers room, showing accidents, showing competitiveness, showing the behind the scenes of getting a horse ready to race ( the ups and downs), showing temper tantrums and asking participants to give candid interviews without fear of reprisal, to admit making mistakes.Any help that I can receive from fans or participants on questions that you would like to see or show lines would be greatly appreciated.

Expect edgy folks cause thats what I want to show! Harness racing should be seen for what it is but not thru rose coloured glasses.

Go get em Waples.


View from the Racetrack Grandstand has some cheers and jeers on his Naughty and Nice list for 2010. For harness fans, the comprehensive list is a must read. Greg Blanchard and Darryl Kaplan, were they nice or naughty? How about COSA & OHHA? How about HANA? Or Moira Fanning? Rock n Roll Heaven?

It's all there so check it out, and while you are there, be sure to vote in the poll. It should be one of the more lopsided polls in harness racing history. :)

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