Friday, December 17, 2010

Meadowlands Rolls in 11, Whales & Good Laws

It was just announced: The Meadowlands will race in 2011. Jeff Gural seems to have made a difference. We can hope that his forward thinking is a boon for the #1 harness racetrack in the World. The sports handle just took a jump in 2011 thanks to this news, because without the Meadowlands, it would be dismal.

Michael Vick wants to own a dog. I can't speak dog, but if I did I think they would all be saying, "for the love of god, no". It's funny, there is a law if you are convicted of dog abuse, you cannot own one. Common sense right? Why in the heck is there not the same law for horses?

John Pricci goes through the California boycott today on his website. Jeff Platt is interviewed. It turns out whales, as well as $2 bettors, want some proper takeout. The former might surprise some people, because they are already getting lower takeout, but you'd be wrong.

From the "polar opposite" file. Gulfstream Park issues their plans for 2011, which includes a "North America low 15% takeout pick 5". It's weird: About five years ago players were asking for low take bets and big field size. They were told to shut up. Now, five years later, with handle decimated, virtually every press release from racing uses the words "lower takeout and better field size". It's great, of course. But really, why so long, and did you not know in 2005 lower take and better field size ups handle?

Betting 101: There is a $500-$750B skill game gambling market in the land. Horse racing offers one of the best mind-puzzles ever, but if players cannot win, or if they feel they are getting a bad shake, there is always another sport to play, which offers, an edge, a chance to win, and a little bit of fun.

Have a nice weekend everyone!


The_Knight_Sky said...

Long live The Meadowlands racetrack! :)

Anonymous said...

I am amazed how many people still are doubting. They probably wouldn't be happy until the wrecking ball tears the whole place down.

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