Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Handle & Purses Up at Pompano

It seems there are rays of good news in racing of late. Pompano Park announced a purse increase and a handle increase this past week. Pompano shifted around the schedule, and lowered their extremely punishing takeouts this season.

John Yinger:

“The recent handle trends have been encouraging and our scheduling change to move the Friday programs to Tuesday has worked out really well. With respect to the competitive and entertainment aspects of our on-track product we think we're continuing to move forward,"

Takeouts at Pompano had previously changed as follows: WPS dropped from 20.5 to 19, Pick 4 from 25 to 15, all other bets dropped from 27.5 to 23, except supers from 29.5 to 25. If you are a harness player those numbers are fairly favorable. Still high of course, but worth a look, especially if you patronize an ADW that gives a little juice back.

John Pricci's top ten stories in racing in 2010. Number one? If you can't figure out that one, you might be a Chilean miner.

2010 O'Brien Award noms are announced. I think Rick Zeron will be Susan Lucci again this year. To me, Riina is a great nominee.

A hearty welcome back to Richie Silverman, after his terrible accident. The Silverman family are good people and we wish Richie great luck on his return.

I find myself following the "Bourbon Slush" crew. As mentioned, a buddy of mine joined, and I know several of the shareholders. Frank has started posting videos of the horses training down.

Good luck folks!

1 comment:

The_Knight_Sky said...

I'd love to see a race with Tetrick, Callahan and Silverman on the track.

That's a lot of greens and golds.
Charlie Finley would be proud. :D

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