Monday, December 27, 2010

Giving the Gift of Life

Horse Rescue United placed something on their Facebook page today. They need a little help. The group, run by trainer Anouk Busch, who was profiled here in a wonderful piece, is after seven racehorses who are going to be sent to a slaughter sale.

Her post:

I have gotten word that at Monticello a trainer is allegedly being evicted from the ship in stalls.

I dont have this confirmed but i have been told that out of his 10 horses he is sending 7 to new holland for the january 3rd auction.

I was already planning to get 2 standardbreds from NH auction myself that day.
I already have the funds for that.

Now of course i would like to try get all 7 but for me to do that i need to hire additional transport,qt and boarding.

I can arrange all that but would need an additional minimum of $7000 for me to take them in as Horse Rescue United to make sure i can afford them several months.

Could all of you commit to asking your fellow standardbred people to try come up with the PLEDGES to try and pull this off?

As some of you know im NOT yet tax deductible but i do account for every donation and where it gets used if we would get enough pledges to do this.

If im out of my mind trying to do this please say so.

Just think of how positive it would be if standardbred people unite to save some needed horses that our own industry has disregarded.
Straight of the track.
For those of you who dont know of my rescue Horse Rescue United you can ask me any questions and also look the group up on fb,my profile or on the website:

I would also like to ask for your support in asking the Usta to ban people from membership if they knowingly sell to slaughter or grade auctions like the auction at new holland is.

I know thats hard to enforce but for the few horses we could possibly save that way it would mean everything.

you can call me at 609 481 8561 if needed.
PTP note: You can paypal a donation at Send it as a gift.

This time of year, where we get so many commercial things, I think there is no better gift than saving a horse and giving him or her a life they deserve. I have already donated to her earlier this year, but I am going to again right now. Please join me if you feel the same way and have the wherewithal to do so.

For the thoroughbred side there is a rescue I have become familiar with in Southern California called "Southern California Thoroughbred Rescue". I know a bunch of you are not playing Cali-racing any longer, but there is a way to support it - by donating to that organization. They have calendars for 2011 for sale, and I see they have a few left. Get a nice calendar and help a horse.

Good luck and enjoy the racing today folks.

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