Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Good the Sad and the Ugly

Racing runs us through most emotions.

The good: San Pail. A trotter no one wanted, who through the patience and respect problem trotters need of a caring trainer, and an owner who is tops went on to win $1.6 million (so far). There is a great story on SC about him.

The sad: Brenna Seely, who I knew as a groom of two of our horses (and a wonderful caring groom she was) passed due to a vehicle collision. She was 24. I hope the next time I get a bad trip as an owner or a bettor and I want to lament my luck, I remember things like this.

The ugly: The RDSP - Racing Development and Sustainability Plan - here in Ontario is finished. The horseman groups (why they have so much power when so few support them is beyond me) who did not support it was the major reason it is off the rails. The unfortunate thing - we all circle the drain with them, whether we like it or not.

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