Lindy Farms Doing it Right

She's a feisty one!
We have spoken before about the new horse partnership started by Lindy Farms. I know a few of the members including my pal Charlie, a thoroughbred player and board member of the Horseplayers Association of North America.

Owning harness horses in not like owning a thoroughbred horse. The differences, although they are racehorses and get the same care, vet work and feed, are there. You can buy a solid pedigree for less money, and you can catch the dream of owning a champion without having to battle a sheik at a sale in harness racing. You can have a horse that may race twenty times as a three year old, or even more than that. There are several other differences, but for a new fan, or a new horse owner, owning a nice yearling colt or filly can be had.

Training down

The "Bourbon Slush Stable" started with one yearling, but due to demand expanded that number to three - two pacers and one trotter. So far all three are showing promise and have been staked. I have been scouring their Facebook site (where I got all these cool pictures) and I see Ra Hanover has been in 24, which is great news.

John Campbell wishes Bourbon Slush good luck

Spending some time on their Facebook site shows that the power of that medium is huge, and if it is done right it is even more than that. Reading the posts, looking at the pictures and seeing the crew behind this venture can not help but put a smile on your face. This is the way horse ownership is supposed to look.

Everyone loves their yearling in March, that is assured, so times might be less energetic for the crew if the various issues we all have to deal with crop up. But win or lose these horse owners are doing something the right way. Things like their Facebook page to promote everything that there is about being an owner of a young promising horse - the dreaming, the good people, sharing some laughs and so on - are capturing that beautifully.

I'd love to see one of their horses win an NYSS or Sweetheart Final. It would be quite the party.


LBG said...

There is two questions for me to find out? Is all costs covered until the end of 2012, as a 3 yr old? Will Bourbon Slush go on sale and the money go to the owners, or will Lindy take him back for free?

Regards, Lars of Sweden

Pull the Pocket said...

Hi Lars,

Here is more info:

With vet bills etc covered, it is a pretty sound deal for newbies.


Lars said...

Thanks! I am running a Swedish harness racing blog, and PtP is bringing me a lot of useful information. Unfortunately my blog is in Swedish, but I'll leave the weblink here anyway.

Thanks again!// Lars


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