Free Data, Part 3,631

As I get ready for Puppy Bowl X, I see O_Crunk tweeted this out today.
I think the TimeformUS guys gave him keys to the database (I am not sure on that, but my spidey senses tell me so), so oftentimes the Crunkster tweets out items of interest. Things like field size, handle, handle per racetype, and more.

Anyhow, this tweet prompted other tweets regarding data-mining.

I don't want to pile on Equibase and the Jockey Club with complaints about this. They do what they do and I think Jim Gagliano and Hank Zetlin do have racing's best interests at heart (along with the fact they are pigeon-holed in a system that generates revenue to do other things) and I do like them both.

But the point that others have made for a long time; people like  Jessica and Robin and Dana and Dan and Ocrunk and even Bacon, through articles on his site, remains

If this data was free and easy to use would there be 100 O_Crunk's using it and tweeting about it? Would there be others outside racing, learning the betting aspect of racing and talking about it by building their own database? Would that growth in betting and interest trump the revenues it brings in to the Jockey Club and Equibase?

We'll probably never find out, but it is a question that has some validity, in my opinion.

Enjoy the Puppy Bud Super Bowl everyone. Have a nice Sunday.

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kyle said...

It really comes down to this: Most within the racing establishment simply do not believe in and/or are ashamed of the game. Hey, what does someone like me know? I just think The Game is the best thing going...and I don't think my tastes are freakish, just informed. There are hordes of gamblers roaming our America - weaned on slots, lotteries, on-line poker, and different types of sports betting.Racing can appeal to all these groups. There are ways to present it simply, for those who want a more casual experience. And then there is the full Monty - the Cadillac of all betting games. It comes down to three factors - access, pricing and integrity - as to how popular this game can be. I realize there are political structures within and without the game that impede its growth. But let us never doubt that what we know of The Game's appeal is real and not limited in the way the current stewards and critics suggest.


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