That's a Neat Tweet, And a Good Blog Post

Peter Rotondo, fashion dude, horseplayer, reality TV star, Breeders Cup employee, son of a guy named Peter, and all around cool guy, retweeted the funniest tweet on my timeline today:

For those who do not know European trotting, this might sound funny, but to many of us it ain't. It's a huge game across the pond. Years ago, when the chances of seeing a harness racing commercial in North America were less than seeing an Andy Asaro and Mike Pegram hug, the Swede's were hiring top firms to create some amazing advertising. 

Speaking of making me laugh, Cangamble has not been blogging too much lately. Maybe he was giddy his Fort Erie racetrack is racing this season, or something, because he had a good post yesterday.

Powerboat racing is big stuff in Japan, handling almost as much money as horse racing. And yes, when CG said......
  •  Power boat racing has to be the most boring betting game I've ever seen
..... I must agree.

I too, must agree with Polarcritter.

Enjoy your day everyone, and remember if you are buying stock, the Stronach group might be decent today. GP and SA are racing, while a gazillion other tracks aren't. Their handle should be up. I hope there aren't food trucks, a bikini contest or an English Beat concert today, because surely that would be given strong consideration for the year over year handle bump. At the track we'll be watching 80's bands, bikinis and eating Bing's Falafel's for at least another three years to entice you to bet a superfecta in the 8th.

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