#Horseplayers Is Something to Get Behind

I think Jerod Dinkin struck the right chord in his Horseplayer Monthly column that was posted on the Paulick Report today.

In it (read it please, it's a well-thought out tome), he looked at Esquire's Horseplayers - the television show - and gently told his fellow horseplayers who are not overly complimentary of it, they should be looking at the big picture.

I agree.

I was on the phone today with a professional player. He was grinding, like he usually does, trying to make a living. We talked a bit about the show and he didn't really get it. Why? They don't do what he does every day. I can relate, because the way he bets, is the way I do, and have for a long time. I don't spot play, and neither does he. I don't play tournaments, and neither does he.

But what we both agreed, is, like Jarod noted, although as Horseplayers we're rugged individualists, skeptical by nature, and a little jaded; getting behind this show is of paramount importance. It's not about how we play, how you play, what types of bets you like, what types you don't, what your tournament strategy is, or isn't. It's simply about following, watching, and supporting something that can help every single one of us. It's about getting people who may casually watch the show, interested in the fine art of handicapping. It's about hopefully attracting more people to the betting pools. This is a way to invite them into our home.

Similarly, I am a little flummoxed (as I often am in this business) at the fact there is such little buzz from the insiders in the industry. It's like the show doesn't even exist. Although the mainstream turf press avoids saying it too often, and we know track execs hate when we bring it up, but betting pays for this industry. It pays for feed men, and hay, and shavings and the shoe man. It pays for jockey's and trainers, and breeders and the salaries of everyone. It pays for Todd Pletcher's ties. It pays for just about everything.

The entire business - from me, and you, and everyone who derives an income from it - should be behind this show. We should all be hashtagging and facebooking it. We should all be calling our friends to check it out. If Esquire is not on the cable system, there should be emails flying from everyone.

We probably should all be doing that, but hey, life is busy. We have the kids, and the mortgage, and the dog needs to go out, and I'm really tired.

However, there is an easier way to help. The show is on Wednesday's at 9 PM. Turn it on and watch it. It's the least you can do for your industry.

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