Saturday, September 13, 2008

Canadian Trotting Classic, Jug Draw, and Bets

The CTC is on tap for tonight. Rain is here, and it looks like it will continue. This makes for an even more interesting race, as if it is not interesting enough.

I made a fair odds line. I would like to make a play according to it, by trying to hit something with my $1000 betting bankroll. I do believe Clerk Magistrate will be tonight's overlay. I will bet $30 to win on him, at anything over 3-1. Dewey will have to deal with traffic, no doubt, and I have his fair odds at 6-1. I am interested to see if he comes off the pace tonight, though. He was fabulous off the pace last year. Crazed I fear will be overbet. I do however have him as my most likely winner at 3-1 fair odds.

The Jug draw is out. There are three elims. My two plays in the future pool, the Field (which includes Art Official) drew the rail. He should be able to control this race. Then he probably has to hope that two speedballs do not draw one and two in the final. My other play, Santanna Blue Chip (13-1) has drawn the two post against AO. Not a great spot for my bet (he probably will have to hope for a post draw in the final). I was hoping he drew a softer elim, win and be able to have a shot at the rail. His Simcoe win was a marvelous prep. I have no doubt this horse can pace 50 over DEL.

Current bets:

$20 win on The Field at 5-1
$8 win on Santanna Blue Chip at 13-1

$30 win on Clerk Magistrate at 7-2 or over

Previous Bets:

Starting bankroll: $1000
NA Cup Bet:
$7 to win on Sand Shooter if over 16-1- Accepted. Result: 5th.
$60 on Somebeachsomewhere if over 4-5 - No bet. Result: Won
Overall Result -$7
Bankroll: $993

Meadowlands Pace Bets:
$8 to win on Share the Delight if over 15-1. Accepted: Result: 3rd
$8 to win on Art Official if over 16-1. No bet. Result: Won
Overall Result: - $8
Current Bankroll: $985

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

My thinking is that Dewey, less the Flipflops from last week (tough to wear on a deep track) will be heard from. He IMO is as good off the pace as on it. So we'll see,

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