Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Video Evidence. Beach, Curlin and Z

Today we had a marvelously interesting harness race. On the runner side there were a couple of tilts that we have to follow too.

First, here is Somebeachsomewhere's world record.

According to "When the three-quarter timer flashed 1:19.2 the crowd at The Red Mile rose as one with loud applause, which grew as the colt came down the stretch." That is what happens up here in Canuckland with this horse too. Speed knows no borders.

From one of our comments below, we hear this piece of Canadiana and it shows just what a great local horse can do for small communities:

I was lucky to be in Halifax, Nova Scotia this weekend. I went to the local teletheater to watch The Red Mile Card.

There was probably 150 people there. When SBSW got behind the gate everyone in the place was standing. When they hit the 3/4s in 1.19 people started cheering,and cheered him on through the stretch. When he hit the wire in 46.4 there was cheering, clapping and high fives. It was unbelievable. The hair on my arms is still standing. If you couldn't go to Lexington this was the next best place to be.

I really got to see what effect this horse has on the average fan. The best horse of my generation."

Second, is Curlin. This was a track which was fairly speed favoring today. I thought the horse would not win this while watching it. He has now won more money than Cigar.

Last, Zenyatta. Valerie mentioned her below and she deserves a spot in the video vault. She is a huge filly (notice the size difference with the second choice?). Z has been doing this all year. You get some goosebumps watching her.

Watching Curlin dig in to win was great. Watching the mare mow them down was fun. But nothing gets me like the Beach race. Hearing Sam McKee announce to the world down the backstretch (when Paul let the horse roll) that it was time to get excited was what set this apart for me. The three panels in 119 and we knew it was time to get up and cheer. Watching the last 200 yards waiting with anticipation of the final time was amazing. It is what sets harness racing apart. Speed. I had an absolute blast watching that World Record effort.

On this day when we watched a horse against the clock, we have to turn it back and pay homage to Falcon Seelster, by showing his mind-boggling world record at Delaware. What a race. It does not get better than that for our speed-driven sport.

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Valerie Grash said...

You're right. Somebeach's effort wins hands down. There is no other word to say, but "WOW".

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