Saturday, September 27, 2008

Somebeachsomewhere - 146.4 World Mark

The double world champion is now a triple world champion.

Through splits of 26.4, 52.4, 119.2 the Beach sprinted home in 27.2 to set a new World Record for 3 year olds and tie the all age mark.

I was a bit concerned seeing that he was off a sickness and only had one reported fast work. Further, seeing Dewey come home slow under a lot of stick with that wind, I figured 47.3 or 47.4 might have been more realistic. But as usual he delivered.

If I had to make a guess, I would think that if the stars completely aligned, 46 flat would be easily hit by Beach.

Art Official bounced back. He cruised to the top easily and was pushed to the three quarters by John Campbell and Share the Delight. I expected someone to run at him off his three previous sub par efforts, but he rebuffed that this time, and came home in a tidy 26.3 under some decent stick.

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Anonymous said...

I was lucky to be in Halifax, Nova Scotia this weekend. I went to the local teletheater to watch The Red Mile Card.
There was probably 150 people there. When SBSW got behind the gate everyone in the place was standing. When they hit the 3/4s in 1.19 people started cheering,and cheered him on through the streatch. When he hit the wire in 46.4 there was cheering,clapping and high fives. It was unbelievable. The hair on my arms is still standing. If you couldnt go to Lexington this was the next best place to be.
I really got to see what effect this horse has on the average fan. The best horse of my generation.

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