Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Strange Quotes & More Talk

Thanks to the Horseplayer Association of North America for this gem from a story in Horseplayer Magazine:

This is a true story. I was talking to a general manager of a racetrack and said "how about that 25% takeout on exactas?" And he said "I know! The state won't let us take any more than that!" I think he missed the point slightly.

That is frightening.

Looks like the Harness Tracks of America & Thoroughbred Racing Association's conference is off and pacing/running. Strong words from a HBPA member (not usually one to complain about too many race dates) regarding too much racing.

As for the number of the tracks in the United States, Higgins said it’s time to consolidate. He said he races at small tracks and likes many of them, but having so many in operation isn’t practical as field sizes shrink.

“I’d like to see at least half of them go out of business,”

“Please do me the courtesy of going out of business.”

And on slots subsidies, something we know all to well with some of our races at small tracks in Ontario.

Higgins said subsidies could disappear as state governments continue getting squeezed for money for programs that impact much larger segments of the population. He noted a $70,000 race at Presque Isle Downs & Casino attracted total handle of only $40,000, and suggested tracks start finding ways to generate more business from their core product.

“(Legislators) are going to look at this subsidy and say, ‘Why are we giving this money to these people?’ ” Higgins said.

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