HarnessLinkTV is Launched

The folks at Harnesslink.com have really tried new things and innovated the way racing is presented on the world wide web. I know what you are saying, innovated and racing in the same sentence? :)

They recently have compiled Youtube harness racing videos and have linked them in an easy to use, searchable way. They call it HarnessLinkTV.

* The ability to browse by racetrack - so if you only want to see videos from the Meadowlands that’s all you’ll get.
* The ability to browse by popular users/channels - we’ve been on YouTube for more then a year now, so we know the people that upload the best stuff on a regular basis.
* Smart search - try searching ‘little brown jug’ on YouTube and see what you come up with. The same search on Harnesslink TV will only give you relevant harness racing content.

Sometimes I find the pages slow loading at the Link, and it is a shame that my provider seems to have some trouble with it, because they have a wonderful site. This part of their site loads super-fast for me. Which is nice. Now I do not have to go to Youtube and search for video. It is all right there for me in one spot. A dandy bookmark!

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